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Discrete Personalised Attention for Your Relationship Needs

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I help clients break down the walls that exist between them.


No matter where we start, whatever the challenge as your coach we work together. I will guide you towards healing old wounds and work through the challenges developing and incorporating potent relationship behaviours that fulfil your needs.

Sometimes it seems that you have it all, beautiful home, successful careers and businesses. Exotic holidays, the kids are happy and family life is great, you have amazing friends and social lives. Everything on the outside looks rosy, and yet life in the bedroom is void of intimacy and pleasure. Being in a relationship with someone you love where sex is either unfulfilling or there is no sex at all is painful. Maybe there is a dark shadow of sexuality that exists between you. Kink that is not understood, porn is a challenge, something is just not right between you... 

We will discover how you can have more fulfilling sexual experiences and become more intimate, we will identify what you BOTH want and need and sometimes what you really don’t!  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, we get to start from where you are now and design the relationship you both desire.


Do you wonder:

What happened to this part of your relationship?

What happened to connection?

Where did intimacy go?

What happened to a conversation that is not all about logistics? 


If you feel like you have tried everything and have accepted this life as normal.  

Reach out it is so worth it. 

If you have or are you experiencing any of these challenges I am here to help. 

Experience Change
... as a couple

It is my mission to prevent the unnecessary misery or end of long term relationships due to the lack of repair, care and attention they deserve. It's a no-brainer when it comes to investing in a remodel of the house, maintenance of  the cars and root canals, relationships need maintenance and investment too.  Work with me and  turn your relationship back into a rich, fulfilling, loving exchange worthy of the lifetime commitment. Allow me to assist you in breaking down the walls that have come between you, however they were built.

Experience Change
... as an individual

Are you struggling with some part of your sexuality?

Would you like to work on finding your voice around sexual needs wants and desires? Would you like help in figuring out how you are wired for pleasure and how to ask for what you want?

Do you just want someone to talk to about your relationship with sex?
Are you or your partner experiencing sexual behaviour that seems out of control?  Did someone mention the word 'addict' around your sexual activity. Don't be alone in this or with friends who do not understand that unwanted sexual behaviour can be deep rooted and is worthy of professional help. 

The heart of our work lies here...


Intimacy - direct, unmediated, heart to heart connection with ourselves and with others
- can only occur when the heart is undefended. 


To cut through our personal differences, to reach the unveiled part of our selves that is deep enough to express the most profound and untamed aspects of our being means learning how to love and be loved without defences and with out obstructions.  It means cultivating the capacity to be emotionally present even when we feel exposed or vulnerable; learning to relinquish the many strategies we have employed to feel safe and in control; and finding the courage to love without guarantees or requirements. Through developing the capacity for intimacy in this way, we discover love as an abiding presence and the emotional centre of our being, our heart, and we can never again feel emotionally disconnected, incomplete or unloved.

Please join my wait list

I am presently supporting a full list of clients with availability starting again with in the next 4 weeks. If you are willing and able to wait, I invite you to book a discovery/introductory call so we can see if we are a good fit and I can then reserve your session time.  I prioritise these calls so you are not left wondering if you have support or not. 

Take the Relationship Checkup

It is rarely the whole relationship that is in trouble.  Take this quiz and get a 30 page report with useful information about how to identify the parts of your relationship that need attention. 

No Marketing deluge will follow. Occasionally I email you personally. Mostly I wait for you to book a discovery call when you are ready. 

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