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Work with Me


The first step to working together is to book a complimentary Discovery Call for which I allow 60 mins.

This is required for all potential clients, before agreeing to work together.  There will be a form to fill out so I can consensually collect data and acknowledgement of privacy policy's and T&C's.  This is how I adhere to The National Council of Integrated Psychotherapists  principals for data protection. 

Please select a time to suit you and fill out any questions I may have asked to help me prepare for your call.

Please be somewhere you will not be overheard when we have our call so you can speak freely.

I work with a small number of clients. It is a very personal service. 

Next Steps

Once we decide to work together, you will decide which package works best for you.  

Reset & Reinvent 12 sessions 2 hours F2F each or 5 Zoom sessions 75 mins each. See pricing plans below.

The main difference between Reset & Reinvent and the five Zoom sessions is how I prepare.  For Reset & Reinvent I often bring the subject or direction to the sessions in the form of frameworks, education, tools etc. I act more as a guide and I work in background preparing for our sessions.

The 5 x 75 min Sessions on Zoom are more coaching focused with the client leading.

I am open to discuss how to make this work best for you. 

Partnership Matters Ltd offers a range of professional services to help individuals and couples in all stages of their relationships, including relationship counseling, sexless marriage guidance, sex therapy for married couples, compulsive sexual behaviour treatment, intimacy coaching, and kink friendly therapy. 

Vivien Burke works from Boardroom to Bedroom. Retirement coaching as an individual or as a couple.

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