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About me - Vivien Burke

Professional Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Coach Therapist

I specialise in working with couples and individuals who want to work with the following:


  • Couple Therapy

  • New chapter in your life, retirement etc

  • Pre Marriage coaching

  • Communication problems in relationship

  • Relationship repair

  • Lack of intimacy​​

  • Unappreciated Sexual Desires

  • Partners of people with Unappreciated Sexual Desires

  • Resetting and reinventing your relationship 

  • Erotic Mapping as seen on Sex, Love and Goop on Netflix™

  • Differences in sexual desire

  • Just want to make things better

  • Understand and accept of who you are as a sexual being.

GSRD  and LGBTQIA+ Allied Kink allied/friendly.I am trauma informed.

Membership Body and Accreditations: Accredited Member of The NCIP.   Accelerated Evolution Practitioner,  NLP Master Practitioner ANLP.,  Dip. Compulsive Sexual Behaviour CICS.

Insurance: I confirm that I have a professional insurance to cover all of my clinical work.


My discovery call is complementary and required. I really appreciate you using the tech booking system.

If you want to know more keep scrolling!

Vivien Burke - MD Partnership Matters

A bit more about me


When people ask me what I do, there is a short and a long answer.  


I call my self a Coach/Therapist to keep it simple. And I am a marriage councillor, mentor, advisor, clinical sexologist, sex coach, relationship and intimacy coach, life coach and NLP Master Practitioner,  all of  which is a bit of a mouthful.  


I started coaching and became a NLP practitioner in 2004. From there I began a journey of learning. I would see a need or a gap and go fill it.  Today I am closing in on 200 days of Continued Professional Development and more than 750 recorded client hours since I started Partnership Matters in 2019. Between 2004 and 2019 likely another 2000+ hours. 


My Teachers and Influencers:

I have trained with or studied the works of: (in no particular order) Ian Ross, Jaiya Ma, Rita Carter, Orpheus Black, Satyen Raja, Esther Perel, Janina Fisher, Terry Real, Simms, Emily Nagoski, Nina Madden, Jack Morin, Babette Rothschild, Hartman & Wood, Silva Neves, Dominic Davies, Pete Walker, Gabor Mate, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Brene Brown, Robbins, Clair W Graves, Jenny Rogers. Dr Sue Johnson,  Betty Martin, Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski. There are many more but you get the gist.


My areas of Training:

(in no particular order) NLP, Spiral Dynamics, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Multiplicity, Relational Organisational Gestalt, Non Violent Communication, MEUS Constellations, Spiritual Technology, The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course and Coaching, Kink 101, Fetish 101, Advanced Sex Skills and Erotic Secrets, Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE)Training, Accelerated Evolution, Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, Trauma, Healing Trauma in Relationships, Life Coaching, Inspired Life Coaching, Polyamory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, The art of grieving, TRE, Time Line Therapy, Wheel of Consent, The Gottman Institute , Parts work and one or two others


My history

Definitely a late bloomer no Uni for me which is why my journey has been one of glorious discovery.

Delivered bread, waitressed, ran wine bars in the city, sold cars then office furniture for about 10 years, became a sales and marketing director for a research company. In 2004 I started Buster Burke Limited, an advisory/investment company, with my husband a former MD, COO, CTO. He was the visionary and I was operations.  I was a Director there for 15 years where, alongside my operational work and running the farm, I began to coach all sorts of different and amazing people for all sorts of different reasons. I found my passion. 

I started Partnership Matters Ltd in 2019 because I saw a real need for the work I do over many, many years.


My passions.

To bring wisdom, real experience and breadth of knowledge that helps my clients do the deep work it takes to choose and experience change so they can live an epic life. 


That and my horses, my dogs, my farm, great food, amazing hotels, 1000 thread count sheets, a cheese soufflé, the people I love, courses and a challenge. (in no particular order)

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